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3rd Sunday of Advent - Year B

17th December 2017

This Sunday:  
Is. 61:1-2,10-11 : Magnificat : 1Thess. 5:16-24 : John 1:6-8,19-28
Next Sunday:   Is &:10-14 : Psalm 24 : Rom. 1:1-7 : Matt. 1:18-24

This week in the parish....

Tues 19 7.00pm Prayer Group, St Francis
Wed 20 9.00am Rosary Prayers, St John’s
  5.30pm Meditation, St Francis
Fri 21 9.00am Rosary prayers, St Francis

Today’s gospel - Reflection...

Genuine Christian faith should make us enthusiastic and happy.
Even in Lent, the most serious season of the Church’s year, the Sunday at the midpoint of the journey to Easter has a theme of rejoicing. In the same way, on this third Sunday of Advent, our liturgy takes up a joyous theme.

John the Baptist is again our Advent guide. Because he has revived the ways of Israel’s prophets he has caused quite a stir, and the authorities of Jerusalem send interrogators who ask him to give an account of himself. His selfless response is disarmingly frank: he is not the Messiah; he is not one of the old prophets come back to life; he is not the New Moses of Israel’s expectations. His role is that of a herald, ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’, that announces one who stands among the crowd, still ‘unknown’ to them.
The description of his witness in this passage leaves his hearers hungry to know more of the one to whom this great figure shows such reverence.

Today’s liturgy can serve to remind us of today’s call to a ‘New Evangelisation’ – bringing the true joy of the light of Christ to a world in which there is so much darkness and pain. When the task seems beyond us, let us remember with the old prophet, that we are working for God’s future; let us understand that it is first and foremost the quality of our lives together that will bring people to share our faith. Let us learn from the Baptist that the effectiveness of our outreach will depend upon the unselfish commitment we have made to the Saviour and what he stands for.

Fr. John Thornhill

Invitation to all the children .....
Attending the Christmas 5.30pm Mass at St John’s to dress up as angels, shepherds or other nativity characters.

The Care and Share team ...

    Would like to thank all those people that made up hampers this year. It was a great result and showed that people in the parish are kind, thoughtful and extremely generous.
    Many of the hampers were beautifully wrapped and were literally a joy to behold.
    For all those involved, you can be assured that your efforts were very much appreciated and would have made a big difference to all the families in need and to the adults living alone that we are aiming to care for.

Please note:
There will be no newsletter on the 4th Sunday of Advent. All notices will be included in the Christmas newsletter.

Pope Francis ....
Advent encourages us to reflect on the contrast between our daily routine and the unexpected coming of the Lord. The Gospel, the Pope said, is not trying to frighten us, but “to open our horizons” to further dimensions, giving meaning even to everyday occurrences.
What seemingly small incident has opened your eyes to God’s grace?

We pray ...
We pray for all the sick in our community including Barbara Hobman, Tom Gregory and Peter Cowlishaw.
We pray for all the recently deceased including Mary O’Leary and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time including Tony de Courcy.

Prayer Groups:

  • St Francis Prayer Group: Will meet this Tuesday 19 December and then take a break until Tuesday 30 January.
  • St John’s Prayer Group: Will meet again on Wednesday 31 January.

Get your Catholic Christmas presents from ....
Never Ending Books, Shop 4, The Village, 1 Moenui Ave, Orewa
Christmas card packs and singles; children's’ and adults’ bibles; gold & silver crosses and crucifixes with presentation boxes; God’s Word 2018.
Ring Anne, 426 6457.

Too busy to be still
Help me slow down Lord, right now, before I think of something else I should be doing - as if it really is more important than You. Let me sit in the quiet peace of your presence and soak up all that you have to say to me. Give me the patience and the perception to do nothing else for these few moments except to be totally, completely and wonderfully centered on you.

Gardening Coordinator:
Needed for St Francis church grounds. 
Our current gardening coordinator Ron Stephenson has had to retire due to other commitments. We need an active person who has some gardening knowledge and is able to organise working bees on an as required basis.
If you are able to help with this important role, please contact Theresa in the Parish office.

Meditation at St John’s ....
Will resume on 8 & 11 January and at St Francis’ on 10 January.

Singers ....
Are invited to join the music group at the Christmas 5.30pm and midnight Masses.
Please contact Eileen, 021 2804044.

Thank you to …..
Parishioners, family, friends and others unknown, for bombarding heaven for me with Masses, rosaries and prayers.
I feel blessed and humbled and am healing.
Thank you so much and may God bless you heaps.
Barbara Hobman

If anyone has spare wool (including 8 ply) to donate to the knitting group for the poor,
please leave it in a bag in the foyer.

Take Note!!!!
The parish office will be unattended from 22 December to 29 January inclusive.
Fr John (426 5599 Ext 2) and Deacon Murray (426 5599 Ext 3 or 021 994703) will be available during this period.
Where possible please hold any administration queries until the office reopens.
The next newsletter will be on 4 February.
If you have any notices to be announced at the weekend Masses, please hand these to the Mass coordinator.
Copies of the Sunday readings for this period will be in a folder in the foyer.

Headlines from the latest
issue of NZ Catholic:
  • Marist to be new Bishop of Christchurch.
  • Seriousness of diocese priest shortage brought home.
  • Hundreds at Catholic Youth Festival.
  • Pope worried about Trump Jerusalem move.
  • Which Missionary built nine NZ churches?.

NZ Catholic Newspaper - $4.00
Get yours at the back of the church

Auckland Youth Ministry:
To find out about all the events and activities that are happening in our region visit

Eucharistic Adoration at St John’s:
Will resume at St John’s on Monday 22 January 2018.

Exists for a Coordinator at the Diocesan Liturgy Centre.
See the noticeboard for more details.

Thank you ....
For continuing to donate the aluminium tabs off your beer & cold drink tins and lids of wine bottles for the ‘Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids Project’.
This is a wonderful way to help children with kidney disorders.

Indoor bowls

Will resume in the hall on Wednesday 31 January.

Our thanks ...
To Eileen Barrington, from the folk who attended the Mass of Anointing,
for playing such soft, gentle and peaceful music during the anointing ceremony
which was so conducive to quiet inner prayer.

Happy Birthday...
To Colleen Lafferty - 15 Dec.

Cell Phones !!

    Reminder to switch off your cell phones when entering the church.

Christmas Mass Times

  • Christmas Eve - St John’s:
    • 5.30pm - Vigil Mass
    • 11.15pm - Carol Service
    • Midnight - Christmas Mass
  • Christmas Day
    • 8.30am - St Francis’
    • 10.15am - St John’s

Extensive pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Jordan ...
Planned for 29 April–19  May 2018.
For full brochure and itinerary, contact Pukekohe Travel 0800 785 386 or  to Mir Pilgrimages, 0274 219 064. 

On Sale after Mass today:
Christmas cards ($5 per pack of 8)
Columban calendars - $12
Daily Mass calendars - $3 and
Latest edition of the NZ Catholic - $4.

Please turn left when exiting the St John’s carpark.

Holy Cross Seminary

Hibiscus Coast Parish Pastoral Care

The Sacrament of Anointing:
The Catholic Church offers the sacrament of Anointing to its members who are seriously sick or frail, undergoing surgery or approaching death. Please don’t hesitate to request anointing for yourself or a family member at these times. 
Please contact Fr John, (09) 426 5599 Ext 2.
If Fr John is unavailable please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465, or Deacon Greg, 027 603 5132.

Hospital Visits and Chaplaincy:
If you or any of your family are a patient at North Shore Hospital or other hospital and wish us to know,
please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465 or 021 994 703. 
If you would like a visit from a hospital chaplain please let the staff know or phone (09) 358 0825 Ext 1019.

Care and Share:
A caring network in the parish catering to the requirements of the sick, lonely and people in need.
Contact Truus Tinsel - 426 9548.

Ministry to the Sick & Infirm:
Those who are sick or infirm, and who wish to receive Holy Communion in their home or place of residence,
please contact our Communion to the Sick coordinator, Deacon Greg Murphy, 02. 6035132 or

Home Visits:
Fr Peter Gray, a retired priest of Auckland diocese, living in the parish, enjoys visiting parishioners in their homes.
If you would like a visit from him, phone (09) 428 5376. Prayer Chain:
Please phone any of the members listed on the noticeboard in the foyer, if you require prayers for a special intention.

If you know of anyone who would like the NEWSLETTER emailed to them weekly
let me know their email address.
Perhaps you can think of some non-practising Catholics
who may be interested in at least keeping a small contact this way?

to get the weekly newsletter via your email

Is anyone sick?
Call upon the church community to pray for you (James5:14).
Please telephone any of the parishioners listed below.
We would love to pray for your intentions in our daily prayers.

Norma McGrath (Coordinator); 424-8460
Maureen Nancarrow; 426 7921
Ursula Taylor; 426 7970
Janet Dimbleby; 427 5850
Kerry Johnson; 424 2854
Raewyn Taylor; 424 1414
Judy Gooding; 424 1008

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