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6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

17th February 2019

This Sunday:  
Jer 17:5-8 : Psalm 1 : 1Cor 15:12.16-20 : Luke 6:17.20-26
Next Sunday:   Sam 26:2.7-9,12-13.22-23 : Psalm 103 : 1Cor 15:45-49 : Luke 6:27-38

This week in the parish....

Sun 17 9.00am Sacramental programme, childrenís session, hall
  3.00pm Secular Franciscansí meeting, Hall
Mon 18 7.30pm Meditation, St Johnís
Tues 19 7.00pm Liturgy Committee Meeting, St Johnís
  7.00pm St Francis Prayer Group Chapel, St Francis
Wed 20 9.00am Rosary Prayers, St Johnís
  9.45am Mainly Music, Hall
  1.00pm Indoor bowls, Hall
  5.30pm Meditation, St Francis
  7.15pm Prayer Group, Hall
Thurs 21 4.00pm Meditation, St Johnís
Sun 24 9.00am Sacramental programme, childrenís session, hall


Our Gospel today gives us a nudge to check on where we place God in our lives. Do we limit His presence to a Church? God is everywhere. Right beside you, right now. At home, at work, on the beach.
Look. There He is!
We will be happy only in God. If you have a beautiful goldfish and take it out of the water to sing a song to it, will it be happy? No. If you put the fish on the couch and turn on the TV for it, will it be happy? No. But if you put the fish back in the water it will be happy. It is the same with us. We will be happy only in God. You might say God is cruel making us in such a way that we will be happy only in God. But God is not cruel. God is love, total love. God loves us even if we have not yet discovered the love of God for us. We need to draw closer to God, total Love, who can lift us up from despair to hope. God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son for us.
That shows us how much†God loves us. Jesus died for us so that we may not be lost but may have eternal life. When we have problems, we look for whatever human help we need, but never forget to go to Jesus. If we are not happy could it be a sign that God is calling us to a closer friendship with him and we are not answering that call? Let us draw closer to Jesus spending more time in prayer. ďYou have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.Ē Thank you, Lord.
God bless you all,
Fr Emile Frische MHM

Childrenís Liturgy:
Have you considered volunteering to be a leader of childrenís liturgy at the 8.30am or 10.15am Mass. We need more leaders on the teams. Material is provided and if necessary you will be paired with another leader until you feel confident.
For more info phone: Tania - 427 4163 (St Johnís), Catherine - 424 0134 (St Francis).

We pray ...
We pray for all the sick in our community including John Brown.
We pray for the recently deceased including Eleanor Stevens and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time including Mervyn OíConnor.

House Sitting:
A recently retired professional lady would like the opportunity to house sit any time between June to Dec 2019.
For more information and reference please contact Deacon Greg Murphy, 027 603 5132. Many thanks.

Just Cook 4 Healthy Ageing:

Free cooking and nutrition course for older people with limited cooking skills or who have lost the confidence or motivation to cook. For more details see the notice board or tel. (09) 489 3417.

Please do not leave ...
Please do not leave pictures, books, clothing, material or other household items in the foyer at St Johnís for people to take. These often remain in the foyer for weeks, are not taken, and a home then needs to be found for them.
Please rather drop these off at your local op shop. However, sharing fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden with parishioners is welcomed and these may be left in the foyer before the weekday or weekend Masses so people can help themselves on their way out, or may be donated to Serving Spoons.

If anyone has spare wool (including 8 ply) to donate to the knitting group for the poor, please leave this in a bag in the foyer.

Dove Catholic Fellowship invites ...
Dove Catholic Fellowship invites all women to a Mass to ask Godís blessing on the fellowship for 2019, on Wednesday 20 February at 7.30pm at St. Thomas More Church, 336 Wairau Road, Glenfield.†
Praise and Worship at 7.15pm.
Contact: Sylvia (09) 443 7477.

Parish Ladies Coffee Group ...
Is starting again and will meet in the hall on Tuesday 26 February at 10.15am.
All ladies are welcome to join us for a cuppa, bingo and a social time. If you are new to the parish come along and meet some new friends. Entry donation - $3.
Contact Christina, 426 7108.

Holy Land Pilgrimage
Join the Auckland diocesan pilgrimage, led by our Vicar General, Monsignor Bernard Kiely, and our diocesan Media & Communications person, Dame Lyndsay Freer. † Departing Saturday 14 September, this 15-night pilgrimage offers superior accommodation, daily breakfast and dinner, daily Mass for our group and outstanding local guides.† See the Gospels come alive as we retrace the steps of Jesus from his Nativity to Calvary.
For further details contact the organiser, Harvest Journeys, on 0800 819 156 or visit or call Lyndsay on (021) 272 4895.

Grey Power ...
Grey Power meets in the parish hall on Friday 22 February at 1.30pm.

Our thanks ...
Our thanks to Cathy Allen for volunteering to be the Gardening Coordinator at St Francisí. She will be organising working bees from time to time and looks forward to your help and support .
If you are willing to assist gardening at St Francisí please contact Cathy on 021 943307.

104 The Drive, Epsom, (09) 638-6238.

  1. EVENING TALK Ė Grateful for Godís Goodness: Love Poured Out with ELIZABETH SNEDDEN rcsj. Fri 1 Mar, 7-9pm. $15

  2. LENTEN SERIES: Journey of the Cross Fridays during Lent, 7-8.30pm. $10 each session or all 6 sessions for $50. This series will provide an opportunity to reflect on the cross through music, Scripture, reflection, prayer and times of silence. Over the 6 weeks, each presenter will do two sessions each. The presenters are: Max Maxwell, Anne Warren chf and Cathryn Wiles-Pickard rsm. These are all stand-alone events and complimentary events. You are welcome to come to one, two, or them allÖ

Contact us if you would like a booklet for full information or if you wish to book: or

Ecumenism and Interfaith
Do you have an interest in Ecumenism and Interfaith initiatives?††Bishop Pat is looking for people willing to promote Ecumenical and Interfaith endeavours in the diocese through his Ecumenical and Interfaith commission.
If you are interested, please contact

Serving Spoons:
Our next free community lunch will be held on Monday 25 February at 12.30pm in the parish hall.
We appeal to all parishioners to continue supporting this initiative by donating funds or fresh vegetables and fruit for the meals. These may be placed in the Serving Spoons fridge or bins opposite the kitchen at St Johnís, or in the bin in the foyer at St Francis, the week before the lunch.
For any new parishioners who may not be familiar with Serving Spoons,it is a parish volunteer initiative that provides a monthly free community meal to anyone who may benefit from a hearty meal and some friendly company. The lunches are held on the last Monday of each month at 12.30pm in the parish hall.
If you would like to volunteer your help please add your name to the list in the foyer.

World Day of Prayer
Our parish is hosting the World Day of Prayer Service to be held on Friday 1 March, 11am in St Johnís church. Light morning tea will follow in the hall. This year the service has been prepared by the interchurch women of Slovenia. We will enjoy learning more about this small country and its faith life.
An invitation is extended to all parishioners to attend.

We are needing a skilled baker to make the bread/cake for the table for World Day of Prayer. The recipe will be provided and ingredients if necessary.
Please contact Barbara on the number above.
Contact Barbara Hines, 427 8496.

Holy Land Pilgrimage with Fr Sherwin Lapaan:
13-day affordable pilgrimage departing 9 September 2019. Small exclusive group; limited seats.
For full details, please contact Laura†on or phone +64-9-921 5106.

New Parishioners:
Please complete a parish roll form which you will find on the table in the foyer.

Moved home ??
If you have moved home, changed your telephone or email address kindly email your changed details to Theresa in the parish office,

Hibiscus Coast Parish Pastoral Care

The Sacrament of Anointing:
The Catholic Church offers the sacrament of Anointing to its members who are seriously sick or frail, undergoing surgery or approaching death.†Please donít hesitate to request anointing for yourself or a family member at these times.†
Please contact Fr John, (09) 426 5599 Ext 2.
If Fr John is unavailable please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465, or Deacon Greg, 027 6035132.

Hospital Visits and Chaplaincy:
If you or any of your family are a patient at North Shore Hospital or other hospital and wish us to know,
please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465 or 021 994 703.†
If you would like a visit from a hospital chaplain please let the staff know or phone (09) 358 0825 Ext 1019.

Care and Share:
A caring network in the parish catering to the requirements of the sick, lonely and people in need.
Contact Truus Tinsel - 426 9548.

Ministry to the Sick & Infirm:
Those who are sick or infirm, and who wish to receive Holy Communion in their home or place of residence,
please contact our Communion to the Sick coordinator, Deacon Greg Murphy, 027 6035132 or

Home Visits:
Fr Peter Gray, a retired priest of Auckland diocese, living in the parish, enjoys visiting parishioners in their homes.
If you would like a visit from him, phone (09) 428 5376. Prayer Chain:
Please phone any of the members listed on the noticeboard in the foyer, if you require prayers for a special intention.

Is anyone sick?
Call upon the church community to pray for you (James5:14).
Please telephone any of the parishioners listed below.
We would love to pray for your intentions in our daily prayers.

Norma McGrath (Coordinator); 424-8460
Maureen Nancarrow; 426 7921
Ursula Taylor; 426 7970
Janet Dimbleby; 427 5850
Kerry Johnson; 424 2854
Raewyn Taylor; 424 1414
Judy Gooding; 424 1008

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