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The message of care and love is the bedrock of our Christian faith. When Paul writes in Romans 13:8 'all (commandments) are summed up in the command, "Love your neighbour as you love yourself"', and, 'the only obligation you have is to love one another', he is directing us to the material and spiritual needs of all humanity.

The Hibiscus Coast Catholic Community is blessed with parishioners who have taken Paul's message to heart. They participate actively across a broad front and can be relied on to help anyone, whether Catholic or non-Catholic.

Below are some of the ways we help and support our community. If what you are seeking is not listed below please contact the office and we will help find the solution to your problem.

Care & Share

  assists the Parish Council in welcoming new parishioners to the Hibiscus Coast. Team members support the sick and needy with transport, food parcels, visiting the elderly and lonely and advising the parish office of who needs spiritual or material assistance. Additional responsibilities include support for immigrant groups and those of other cultures. Contact the parish office 426 5599.

Beginning Experience

  is a worldwide programme that offers support for separated, divorced or widowed parishioners. Our parish has Beginning Experience co-ordinators who have been down this road before. They know what it is like to suddenly be on your own, to carry the burden of raising a family with little or no support. There is also a programme for children in such family circumstances. Visit for more information.

Season for Growth

  is a non-profit, non-religious programme based on the belief that grief is normal and can be a valuable part of life. Also, that children and adolescents need to be provided with the opportunity to examine how grief, as a result of death, separation or divorce, has impacted on their lives. The educative process underpinning Seasons for Growth provides the opportunity for each participant to integrate, at his or her developmental level, the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and to cope with loss and grief. This takes place in an atmosphere of like-to-like peer support. However, the issues for adults extend beyond death, separation and divorce to include other kinds of losses such as unemployment, illness and dislocation. For more information contact the parish office or telephone Delia on 09 360 3027 or 021 545 560 or visit

Overcoming addiction

  can be an almost insurmountable challenge. Our parish can offer support and advice plus direct you towards organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al Anon and The Pioneers. Contact the parish office.

Protecting and nurturing life is represented by two organisations.

Voice for Life (formerly SPUC)

  promotes prayer and ongoing education concerning the value and sanctity of the unborn child. The society offers information, care, support, encouragement and practical help to those facing the dilemma of a difficult pregnancy. Contact the office or visit

Pregnant and worried?

Family Life International

  educates on all family life issues from natural conception to natural death. Telephone 0800 367 5433 or visit

The world that Jesus called us to serve has many and varied concerns, and we strive to be of service where we can. What is given in Christ's name comes back to the giver twice over. That is both our belief and our experience.

"I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink,
a stranger and you welcomed me"
- Matthew 25: 35

If you are interested in helping with any of these services
click here to volunteer.

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