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Parish Finance Matters

Endow the Future

A simple guide to making a gift towards the work of The Hibiscus Coast Parish

This leaflet is written for consideration by those of you who might be thinking about leaving a gift for the parish in your will.
Writing a will is, of course, a very personal decision. A will is generally a document written by a lawyer. If you are considering a gift to the parish, it can be for the general purposes of the parish. It is possible to leave a gift for a special purpose, but it is certainly better to discuss your thoughts with the Parish Priest to ensure that your special request can be carried out.
We have prepared a draft clause that sets out the essential requirements for a gift to the parish, but the provision will of course be subject to your own personal circumstances and wishes which your legal adviser will be able to accommodate in his or her drafting of the will.
Legal words have defined meanings, so it is usually unwise to write your own – one simple mistake can render it invalid.
Here is a draft clause which might be helpful:

General purposes:
I give the sum of $xxxx to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland for the time being to be applied by him in and towards the general purposes of the Hibiscus Coast Parish. I direct that the receipt of the Parish Priest or Parish Secretary shall be a full discharge to my Trustee/Trustees.

A lawyer is trained to see that your wishes are executed safely, by putting them into a plain language legal document, or changing an existing will to include a new legacy.
Please contact the Parish Priest or the Chairperson of the Parish Finance Committee if you would like further information.
You may wish to gift something to the parish now, then please feel free to use the information on the backof this leaflet.

For the full details click here to download the document as a PDF file Endow the Future.

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