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WHAT'S NEW in the HBC Parish

St Francis Church Update:

Update on St Francis Alterations 17th September:
Following on from practical completion of the alterations work in July, our contractor has been undertaking minor remedial work at St Francis church as required. There are still a few items to complete but these shouldn’t be too disruptive.
During the course of the alterations work we found that the steel posts between the fire exit doors were corroding.
Our structural engineer has confirmed that the corrosion is minor and not of great concern, however we will be undertaking remedial work to strengthen the posts. The cause of this corrosion has been water leaking in through the fire doors over the years. These doors have become quite warped and are in need of replacement. This work will happen soon.
We also experienced a major flood when one of the toilet cisterns overflowed recently. Normally, a cistern overflow wouldn’t have been a problem, however we found that overflow pipes had not been fitted to the original toilet cisterns, therefore the water ended up flooding through the building. The new disabled toilet is not an issue because it has an internal overflow to the bowl, however we are now looking at replacing the cisterns to provide internal overflow for the other two toilets.
The vinyl floor has been problematic, particularly in the corridor with sections bubbling and lifting.
The flooring contractor has replaced the corridor vinyl and we expect this issue has now been resolved.
If you have any questions or comments about St Francis church alterations, please contact Terry Cochrane - 426 2383 or Douglas Birt - 424 0134.
Parish Finance Committee

Update on St Francis Alterations 9th July:
Work on the alterations is almost complete. The contractor will be working to finish fitting hardware etc. over the next week. We will then start to clean and reinstall statues, icons etc. and get the kitchen up and running. The first Mass will be held on Sunday the 23 July at 8.30am.
At the start of this Mass, Fr John will perform a blessing to dedicate the new entrance and the refurbishment work. A morning tea will be held in the new foyer area after Mass to celebrate the completion of the work. All parishioners are warmly invited to attend.

Update on St Francis Alterations 18th June:
Over the past month our building contractor Miro has made very good progress with the alterations work.
All internal plumbing between the toilets and the kitchen has been replaced, the new timber framed walls have been constructed, and painting is almost complete.
Structural steel is in place ready for the aluminium joinery for the new internal glass wall and for the entrance foyer.
The kitchen is currently being fitted with cupboards, shelves and benches.
Visit our Hibiscus Coast Catholic Parish Facebook page for visual updates of the alterations.
We plan to set out the seating as indicated on the drawing that has been on display in the foyer at St John’s.
This will be done towards the end of the first week in July. At this stage we still expect completion of the work in the second week of July.
Parish Finance Committee

St Francis Seating Layout 28th May:
A plan showing the proposed seating layout for St Francis church is now on display in the St John’s church foyer for parishioner review and comment.
The layout shows a total of 245 seats which is the maximum number permitted under the building consent for our refurbished church. The original seating layout provided 262 seats using the pews that we had, so the new arrangement has 17 fewer seats.
The actual pew and seat arrangement will be slightly modified so that we maximise the use of pews and minimise single seat numbers.
We have a further 50 single seats (chairs) of which approximately 25 will be set out in the Chapel. During peak times such as Easter and Christmas the other 25 seats will be placed in the church. We are permitted to exceed the maximum seated capacity of the church for peak times and so we will be able to cater for a similar number of worshipers as we have in the past.
The foyer and Chapel will have speakers. Together with the speakers, the new glass wall between the foyer and the church will enable worshipers in these areas to follow proceedings.
If you have any suggestions regarding the proposed seating layout, please advise Theresa in the Parish Office.
Parish Finance Committee

St Francis Church Update 21st May:
The alterations work is progressing reasonably well with some items ahead of schedule and some a little behind. The new concrete entrance floor has been poured and most inside walls have been re-lined and are being stopped and painted.
Three of the five stained glass windows have been repaired and strengthened on site. The other two are being rebuilt at a specialist glass works in Mt Eden. At this stage we expect the work will be complete around 12 July.
Within the next week we will set out the proposed new seating plan for review and comment. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.
Parish Finance Committee

Work starts...
Alterations work commenced as planned on 18 April and work is progressing well.
Hoardings have been erected to allow removal of the front doors and removal of the stained glass windows (which will be strengthened). Footings are being dug out for the new foyer outside wall.
Wall linings have been removed in the main part of the church to allow cabling to be installed for new lights and fire alarm points.
We will keep you updated as the project progresses. For visual updates visit our Hibiscus Coast Catholic Parish Facebook page.

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